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HTTYD // This is my
One of my friends on Twitter is watching the Harry Potter movies for the first time.  She's never read the books.

She is complaining about Hermione being a bitch and OH MY GOD.

Giirlllll, don't make me cut you.

Just kidding.

Aug 11 2012 - Effing LJ
Abyss //  This isn't funny
Is anyone else not seeing comments? I can see that there ARE comments on posts, but I can't see them. The exceptions are ONTD_political and my own journal. O.o Even when I go to the community or journal and not just look at it on my flist, I still can't see the comments, just the number of comments. It's driving me bonkers. Anyone else?
Aug 11 2012 - lulz
So it's gonna be Paul Ryan? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
HIMYM // Boys are just
I'm flying to Washigton, D.C. in five hours.  I'm a little nervous.  I've never flown that far on a connection before, and I am haunted by two years working for an airline and knowing how much can go wrong.  There's no weather it seems though, so that's good.

Danny has some convention out there.  I'm tagging along because I can.

I forgot my green fuzzy hat at his house though, which makes me sad.  I wanted to look like an Eskimo.
Dec 20 2011 - IN WHICH I DIE
KH // This is yours


I can't.  I just.  I can't.  Fucking fuck fuck oh my gaaaaawd.
HTTYD // Instinct and
I was arrested at Occupy Phoenix this Saturday for refusing to leave the park we were trying to set up as our camp.  There were 46 of us charged with 1st degree loitering, a misdemeanor.  Our court date is October 26th.  

We spent 14 hours in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's freezing jail with moldy food and constantly changing information.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  We held our own mini general assemblies, did yoga, and kept each other sane.  We talked about the movement, the world, the future.  We talked to our fellow inmates, who were all smart and sweet and gave us incredible information about their lives and the injustices of the prison system.  We learned so much.

The ACLU has taken on our case.  It's going to be interesting to see what happens.

My only regret is that I made my poor boyfriend worry all Sunday. We didn't go to the protest intending to be arrested, my sister and I, but it was the right thing to do.  He tried to pay our bail and by that time it was already late enough that we'd be out in a few hours.  He's gone to California this weekend for five days and I miss him terribly already.

My sister and I are going back to this weekend.  I have met so many great people so far, and I can't wait to see who I meet next.  I believe in this movement wholeheartedly, and I am ready for what comes next.
Abyss //  This isn't funny
Things I did today: watched Easy A, Glee, a few episodes of HIMYM, cleaned my room, and ate an entire pizza by myself and drank some diet Coke.  I'm sure the pizza negated the diet Coke thing, but whatever, I'm hormonal and sad and damn that pizza was good. 

Gonna drink some tea now, listen to my super soothing recorded ocean waves, and go to bed, and then in the morning go to the gym (the guilt is already creeping upon me).  I still call this a good day.  Damn that pizza was good.

eta: I lied, no sleep for me.  Starting on volunteer registration.  Meaning I will be swearing at Joomla and my computer for the next week. I hate Joomla.  So.  Much.
HIMYM // Boys are just
Maybe you can help me flist!  I recently realized that I could get radio streamed to my Blackberry that isn't Pandora (shhhh, I am slow) so I've been listening to NPR and other news/progressive/political stations at work via Stitcher radio.  I was using TuneIn which I liked better, but it stopped working midway through my shift Wednesday for some reason and so I found Stitcher, which is also quite nice and actually quite a bit better in terms of how much they offer (the interface is just annoying to me).  

So I've been able to listen to the Rachel Maddow show the next day and NPR's various programs, but I'm looking for other stuff too, mostly because the Marketplace guy on NPR gives me a weird vibe (I am discriminating on his voice, woe).  Suggestions?  Podcasts?  Places to download said podcasts?  Anything you listen to on the radio, via Stitcher or anything else?  Anything else that you can think of that might occupy my ears during my mostly ten hour shifts at work every day? 
Feb 19 2011(no subject)
KH // You're still so beautiful
Life has been insane.  But it's been a good, good insane. 
Feb 10 2011 - Hyuck
HTTYD // One leap for mankind
I've been less than pleased with Glee lately (and by lately I mean before the winter hiatus) - mostly because of it's blatant sizeism in regards to Lauren - but I feel that this week's episode made progress toward moving outside of the stereotype.  It definitely still has its issues (Glee has so many issues it will be in therapy for the rest of its life) but I like first steps.  And I like Glee, despite its many, many shortcomings.  Sometimes I can still feel that campy, underdog, "we will overcome" feeling that the pilot gave me, underneath all the spectacle and sport.
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